To support rankings, we developed a plan to obtain top-notch media coverage that would not only increase the number of links
to the client’s website but also support keyword rankings and organic traffic.
The result – over 250 links and over 700 new keyword rankings!

Interactive content development & digital PR campaign

USB Makers is one of the largest branded USB stick and personalised tech gift companies. They have such a wide range of products, but with competition being so tough, we needed to develop a campaign that would get them top-tier links from only the very best publications.

The Challenge

They’re in a competitive industry and even though the content and SEO work we were doing was helping support their organic reach, we wanted to provide them with much better results, while keeping within a fairly tight budget.

Our Approach

We held an ideation session internally to consider various types of content we could create, along with ideas for new information or insights we could identify. 

In terms of the content types, it was agreed that some kind of calculator would be a good option. If we can readily obtain the data to input behind the scenes, we’d be able to develop it fairly quickly and on a budget. And, when it came to the new information, we considered data transfer speeds to be a good option. All we had to do next was find the hook or the story. 

We set to work on the wireframe, followed by the design, which we created in Figma. During the design and review phase, we continued to brainstorm ideas for pitches we could send to journalists. We had to understand what new information we were identifying, and what the different USB transfer speeds really meant to people in real-life terms. Is there a benefit or an issue we could uncover?!

Then… It came to us… It was perfect.

Our tech team, who we also involved in our brainstorming sessions, mentioned the new iPhone and the technology they were rumoured to be using. It was gold!

So, we got to work on finalising the design and ensured we got a quick sign-off from the client in order to time the launch of the calculator before the release of the phone.

Our digital PR team was then able to use the calculator to find the transfer speed difference between the iPhone 15 Ultra and the standard iPhone 15. As such we identified that the iPhone 15 Ultra could offer transfer speeds as much as 90% faster than those offered by the standard iPhone 15 (which is reportedly sticking with its predecessor’s USB 2.0 standard).

We sent this data to journalists who specialise in writing iPhone and tech reviews. We offered them an exclusive look at the calculator, so they could verify the information we were providing them with and this also then provided them a resource they could link to.

The Results

By being selective with who we reached out to and by designing the creative in a way that wasn’t promotional, we were able to obtain coverage on Forbes! Oh, but it doesn’t end there… We also gained coverage on T3, MSN, Yahoo! and TechRadar! This ultimately led to a number of other publications linking to the content we’d created. 

Having let the campaign run, in the last three months, we’ve seen 248 new links and 663 new keywords, along with a significant increase in keyword rankings across the board. What we’ve also witnessed is a 50% increase in traffic since its launch.


Increase in organic traffic in 3 months




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