What a Sandwich Can Teach About the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

When a client comes on board with any digital agency, there’s a lot for them to think about. Reports, data, content and strategy will all be thrown at them at once – and this can be overwhelming.

Here at Quibble, we’re super-dedicated to clear communication without the fluff, which got us thinking how we could do away with the industry jargon to present the theory of digital marketing in a way that anyone could understand.

The only sensible conclusion we came to was using a food-based metaphor*.

So, let’s tuck in, shall we?

*Disclaimer: Quibble is not responsible for any food cravings that may result from reading this blog.

A Sandwich

Here is a picture of a pretty standard looking sandwich – bread, some lettuce, ham and tomato.

At face value, you may turn your nose up and proclaim that it’s not for you.

And I hear what you’re saying, you can tell a lot about this sandwich from what you see (and it does look pretty dry), but how can you possibly claim it’s not for you until you try it?

The same applies for digital marketing. Just like this humble sandwich, how do you know if it’s right for you if you never try it?


When you first looked at that sandwich, did you consider precisely what processes were required to bring that sandwich together?

A perfect storm of circumstances needed to come together all at once to make that particular sandwich on that day, think about all that was necessary to bring the following to the table:

  • A soft & spongey baked bread.
  • Fresh, crunchy lettuce.
  • Rich, tasty ham.
  • Perfectly ripe, juicy tomatoes.

Once again this sandwich is serving us well in the metaphorical stakes here: you want your lunch to be a tasty, fulfilling treat, just in the same way that you want your digital marketing strategies to fulfil the desires of your customers. This also requires a perfect storm of processes, to work together to create a plan that catches the eye of your customers.

Of course, making a sandwich isn’t the hardest thing in the world, but a nicely made, deliciously presented one is far more likely to make someone want to chow down, than one that, well, isn’t.

The formula applies for your website too – a well-made, enticing one is far more likely to encourage your website visitors to complete the actions you want them to.

Below, we’ve highlighted just how the process of making a sandwich is comparable to forming the perfect digital marketing campaign.



The bread is the very basis of the perfect sandwich. Even the most beautiful array of fillings will fall flatter than day-old beer if you’ve used a tired, dried old slice of value bread.

The best bread is that which can stay strong in keeping all the ingredients inside but can also complement the filling by soaking up those wonderful flavours.

When you start a digital marketing campaign, you must be sure that you’re putting in place a strong basis that can hold everything together as you begin to start adding the rest of the elements on top.



Most of us will have butter or margarine in our sandwiches, but there’s a whole array of options out there to give your lunch that characteristic flourish – whether that’s mayo, ketchup, hot sauce, or marmalade, the possibilities truly are endless.

In the same way, there are so many businesses out there these days, even if you’re a super niche company, you’ll have some competitors, so it makes sense to put yourself out there; especially when no one else is doing something to distinguish themselves.

Your choice of colours, messaging, and logos really are your opportunity to try something a little different that becomes the distinct flavour of your brand, that everyone will eventually come to associate with your business.  



A condiment-heavy sandwich will always mask the other flavours within your sandwich, which is why a sweet, crunchy leaf of lettuce is sometimes necessary to readdress the balance.

The same applies to your digital marketing strategies, placing heavy emphasis on only one area and hoping it works out for you, is seldom the right approach.

By keeping a healthy balance across all of your digital strategies, you can make sure that they’re all working together in complete harmony.



Any good sandwich needs something of real substance to become the shining star of the dish – whether that be cheese, ham or whatever it is that compliments the bread, condiments and your choice of salad.

The same applies to a robust digital campaign – without something alluring that really interests your audience, you’re not likely to find the success you desire. From the perspective of your business, you need an enticing, meaty product or service and content that convinces them that an audience that your business is the one to meet all their needs.


Making a sandwich certainly isn’t rocket science, but to create a truly perfect one, it does take some practice to balance everything just so. The same applies to your online marketing, the theory is simple, but the execution is anything but.

If you need help understanding your palette, then why not give us a call? We love food and digital marketing!

So, if you want to chat with us give us a contact us today.

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