The 2022 April Fool’s Roundup

While it’s true to say that we’re living in incredibly uncertain times right now, at Quibble we’re always down for a good laugh whatever the weather!

So, what better way to lift the spirits than April Fool’s Day?

In this blog, we’ve collated some of our favourite product launches, pranks, and general April 1st high jinks from some of the most well-known brands in the UK and slightly further afield too.

We’ll see some weird and wonderful examples from Marmite, M&Ms, Tango, Aloha 65, Ovira, Moonpig, Currys, Subway and Pot Noodle.

A Brief History of April Fool’s

There is some conjecture and speculation as to the origins of April Fool’s. However, many historians suggest that it dates back to 1582, when the French swapped from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar.

As with the Hindu calendar, the Julian calendar marked the new year with the start of the Spring Equinox at the start of April.

Those that didn’t receive the news or failed to recognise that the start of the new year had moved to January 1st were still celebrating in April. Consequently, they were labelled “April fools” and were the subject of gags and practical jokes.

Some of the earliest practical jokes involved placing paper in the shape of a fish to the back of someone’s clothing and referring to them as “April fish”, which symbolised a juvenile, naïve, and easily caught fish.

It took until the 18th century for the tradition to take hold in the UK. It became so popular in Scotland that it formed a two-day festival, starting with “hunting the gowk,” – gowk is another word for the cuckoo, which is meant to be a symbol for a fool. Hunting the gowk involved sending folks out on fruitless errands and having them perform impossible tasks, such as attempting to retrieve a gill of pigeon milk.

The second day, Tailie Day, involved playing practical jokes, and was probably the first known recorded example of the classic “kick me” gag, where people would pin kick me signs on each other.

The Best of April Fool’s Day 2022

#1: Marmite

As a play on their love it, or hate it branding, Marmite have now launched a “Pre-Hated Marmite” shop on eBay; selling preowned jars for a little as a few quid.

The official explanation for the new store, is the increase in second-hand sales. As consumers lean more towards the pre-loved market, Marmite decided to take this opportunity to give these pre-hated jars a fresh start.

Every jar available for sale, has been “guaranteed 100% de-tested. Opened, tried, and discarded in disgust. But, if you’re a lover, their “hating is your saving,” according to the description.

Some of the highlights of the products, include:

All of the jars available are guaranteed to have been hated and mistreated by their previous owners, most of whom no longer believed the jars deserve space in their kitchen!

Check out the eBay store here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/prehatedstore

#2: M&M’s

Finally, the collaboration you didn’t know you needed is now a thing – well, not really.

Mars Wrigley Australia launched their new collaboration between two giants of the confectionary world, and we have to say, as potential partnerships go this one certainly has some merit!

“We’re excited to introduce this delicious new treat, with M&M’S and Skittles pre-mixed so you can enjoy a chocolate and fruity flavour in one bite,” M&M’s Australia said.

We’ve no complaints about this one!

#3: Tango

If the last collaboration was something we didn’t know we needed, we’re sure we definitely don’t need this one!

In the UK the takeaway food industry is worth £11.4bn, and Tango has decided to cash in on this popularity with an April Fool’s day stunt that celebrates our favourite takeaway dishes.

The traditional orange flavour has been combined to create Carbonated Chicken, Citrus Gravy – and our personal favourite – Fizz and Chips, anyone?

A Tango spokesperson has said the new flavours have been designed to “tickle the taste buds and deliver the ultimate in tangy refreshment.”

#4: Aloha 65

From today, the government are no longer allowing free lateral flow tests to all. Natural spirits brand Aloha 65 has decided to take matters into their own hands and offer something a little different.

The company announced on social media that they would be offering free lateral flow tests with every purchase of a full-sized bottle as part of their latest package, the Lateral A-flow-ha, so you can test your drink to see if you get vodka, rum, or gin in your order.

#5: Ovira

Ovira, the medical business that specialises in alleviating period pain, have used their April Fool’s Day product concept to normalise periods and the debilitating pain it can cause for millions of women all over the world.

“Forget Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘This Smells Like My Vagina’ Candle, we’re bringing a whole new meaning to period goop with our brand new period blood scented perfume.” Said Ovira’s Facebook post.

“For too long, women have grown up feeling ashamed about their period blood odour so we’ve created Bloodwater.”

“And if you’re thinking this all smells a little fishy, you’re not wrong. We’ve added notes of fish and copper to our perfume because period blood is not meant to smell like roses!”

Not only have Ovira taken this opportunity to spread a powerful message, but they’ve done some with fantastic imagery and a little humour too.

#6: Moonpig

The minds behind Moonpig have announced they’ll be launching a Moonpets feature on their app to translate what your four-legged friends are saying.

With the help of a pet psychologist, the company has managed to translate sound bites from the animal and have them transferred to a large selection of ‘From the Pet’ cards available to buy.

Peter Donlon, Moonpig’s CTO, had this to say, “We knew that it was going to be a woof ride trying to create the technology to decode the meaning behind our pets’ cries, however after seeing such high sales in the pet cards sector, we were determined to take up this opp-pawtunity and revolutionise the way we communicate with our furry friends.

Peter continues, “The new pawsome feature is a mutt-umental move for the Moonpig app and we hope our four-legged customers will enjoy letting their owners know how they feel.

We’re confident that this new app will have a paw-sitive impact on the way our humans and pets interact with each other – we just hope there’s no argument over who picks up the bill at the end of the order.”

#7: Currys

Ever wanted to unleash your inner Marty McFly? Well, now you can, thanks to the exclusive release of the hover board from Currys.

The new hoverboards utilise patented HovAir technology and have been designed to get you from A to B in some serious style, no matter the altitude.

The hoverboards come in a range of colours and designs, so you can take advantage of this summer’s hottest trend!

#8: Pot Noodle

Speaking of combinations, we never knew we needed.

Certainly not for those on low carb, but we have to say we don’t hate the idea.

Pot Noodle announced on Instagram that they’d joined forces with Papa Johns to bring you the OODLES of NOODLES Pot Pizzas range.

The first of new range is Bombay Badboy on the Papa Johns American Hot pizza.

Although, clearly an April Fool’s joke, we wouldn’t be at all opposed to giving this a go!


April Fool’s is a fantastic opportunity for brands to push the boundaries in their industry to show the lighter, human side of their operations.

In the previous years, we’ve seen pranks completely backfire on businesses, but with the right approach and some careful thought, April Fools can be an excellent means for businesses to connect with their audiences.

If you have any questions about PR or would like to know more about any of our other services, please get in touch with our team of experts.

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