Quibble donate two incubators to help poorly puppies

Over the years, we’ve supported numerous charities and organisations, including Anna’s Hope and Action Medical Research. We’ve donated our time to help support their social media activity, analysed and reviewed their web content, audited their websites and assisted in making improvements that will help their supporters find them in Google. We’ve also attended charity events and I am on the Peterborough Committee for Action Medical Research, helping them organise events, sourcing prizes and donating funds to their worthwhile cause.

Charities big and small have struggled through the pandemic. During lockdown, charity events have been cancelled, which means these organisations have not received the donations and funds they normally would have.

Since we, at Quibble, have not attended any events over the course of the pandemic, we took the decision to donate the funds we had set aside to a small organisation that was calling out for help.

I’d been following Breeds In Need for a while and the stories they were sharing were heart breaking. Puppies were being brought in with numerous issues and they needed funds for incubators that would support their development.

Puppies are in demand and the mass breeding of them over the course of the last year has resulted in more and more puppies being born with disabilities. Breeds In Need, an animal rescue, based in Lincolnshire, specialises in caring for these special needs puppies and dogs who need help. The most common problem these puppies have is a cleft palate, resulting in many of them being killed at birth by vets due to the special care required to support their development. Breeds In Need aim to stop that!

So, when we saw they were running a series of auctions, virtual runs and various other COVID safe events, we wanted to help. They were raising funds to purchase 2-3 incubators and money to pay off their mounting vet bills.

We were proud to offer to purchase two Brinsea TLC 40 Eco Brooder incubators to support their cause to the sum of £820. They were incredibly happy to receive the donation as at first they thought we’d simply like to donate something to the amount of £50. We know the incubators will be put to good use and continue to follow the stories of the many poorly puppies in the care.

If you would like to help this amazingly inspiring rescue, along with the puppies they’re caring for, here’s a link to their Amazon Wish List >

If you’d like to find out more about the work they do and the dogs in their care, take a look at their Facebook page here >

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