Quibble Brand Update – The Next Chapter

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Today marks the next chapter of Quibble Content!

Our vision

Over the last two years we have been extremely focused on improving our overall SEO and content marketing offering for our clients. We are at the cutting edge of marketing and are focusing not just on what works for our clients now, but what will work for them in the future.

Why the refresh?

Because of the rapidly changing work we are doing, Quibble has naturally evolved from a pure content creation agency to a combined service that takes the engaging content we create and delivers it to our client’s audiences to help them convert into customers. This has resulted in offering more services to help our clients get the best value from us.

Here are some of those services that Quibble has a proven track record in:

  • International SEO: We are now working with brands who have locations all over the world and just providing content for them just wasn’t going to cut it. We have branched out our SEO services to help our clients improve their websites technically so they can serve content in multiple languages and get visibility from search in all areas.
  • PPC for content support: We are offering additional services to help distribute our client’s content across multiple platforms. Quibble was built from creating engaging content that grew organically, but now we provide a combined PPC offering that amplifies the content to get results faster and we run re-marketing campaigns to turn audiences into valuable customers.
  • Website Development: On several occasions, we have been capped by our client’s websites when we are conducting our digital marketing services. In some cases, we have been limited so much that the only way forward was to rebuild their website in a way that would convert. Now, part of the initial Quibble setup is to analyse each website and ensure it is fit for purpose. If it isn’t, we now have the development skills to rebuild and re-imagine websites to make sure they support the growth our clients deserve.
  • Customer value analysis: Understanding your clients is key to ensuing your’re able to attract them through the content you produce and distribute, along with the services you offer and develop over time. As such we’re able to segment your customers into the various sectors you work in and provide in-depth analysis on their values in order to develop an ongoing marketing and business strategy.

We are still Quibble

As part of the brand update, you will notice our new logo – This is the first step of a long journey into re-branding into the new vision that better represents us. The new logo is moving the emphasis and meaning onto the word Quibble rather than content. This better shows that we are not just a content creation agency but a full service that clients can rely on for their digital marketing offering.

Nothing has changed internally. We were already known as the agency that critiques and challenges every marketing process in your business, so when it comes to execution it operates flawlessly.

So what has changed?

We are still the same group of people and we have the same values as before. We believe our core values are now more clear than ever – To provide a strategic and honest alliance with our clients to meet their goals. As part of the refresh, here is what has changed:

New website & logo

We have done a complete overhaul of our current website and logo to reflect the new brand. We have focused on ensuring our offering is communicated in a simple, clean way and we have made several tweaks to our website to truly showcase the quality of the websites we build. Our website has been built from the ground up with performance in mind. This is becoming more and more important to be successful each year and something our clients now demand as standard.

New ways to communicate: the Quibblebot

We are always experimenting with new ways for our clients to obtain leads and we implement some of those changes ourselves. Throughout 2019 and 2020 we will be testing the Quibblebot. You will no doubt see the bot pop up from time to time to offer a helping hand on our new site. The Quibblebot has been built from one of the many missions Quibble has for the future. We constantly tell our clients that the present and future of marketing is to build carefully crafted 1 to 1 conversations with your customers at scale. The Quibblebot is part of our process of achieving that. So far the Quibblebot will arrange callbacks for our customers, it will arrange the free website audits we offer and it provides several ways for people to get in touch with the Quibble team. This is the very early stages of the Quibblebot and we are excited to see how it can help us better serve our customers.

Charity Support

There are a few charities that we hold closely to our heart. Action Medical Research is one of them. Anna our founder and MD is part of the Action Medical Research Peterborough committee, as such we regularly support them in leveraging their news and content. In 2018 we started supporting Anna’s  Hope with regular marketing work.

Work Experience Scheme

In 2018 we began working closely with New College Stamford to help them build out their brand new digital and IT work experience program, and continue to do so. We take on students each year to help train them in digital marketing and give them real-world agency experience. Once they are trained and ready to go they assist with client work and get paid.

What’s next?

What’s next for Quibble is pretty much business as usual. We are keen for growth and this brand refresh is tied in to help us do exactly that.

We have new team members joining us over the next few weeks, our work is getting noticed and being submitted for awards and we just felt the old brand didn’t showcase exactly what we were about.

Personally, I have been researching a lot about what and where I think content marketing is heading and you will see some of that shared in future content. The landscape has changed dramatically in the 12 years I have been involved in it and I have learnt that if you stand still you will get left behind. We have several strategies prepared for our clients to help them take on voice search and in some cases utilising AI to create content. Expect more of this to be shared from us as we build up our successes around it in the future.

Quibble is about being a resource any business can rely on to be at the cutting edge of digital marketing and we are fully prepared to be that.

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