What started as a single project soon developed into a long-term working relationship that has supported the company’s consistent growth!


Quibble Digital’s Partnership with Anglia Translations

Anglia Translations is a distinguished translation service provider with over 30 years of experience. They offer precise and professional language solutions in 50 languages to a global clientele and are passionate about ensuring effective communication across various sectors.
Our relationship started a few years ago following a conversation that led us to discuss their website and overall marketing efforts. They wanted to focus on growing their business and invest for future reinvestment, which they ultimately did.

The Challenge

Anglia Translations needed to modernise its website, improve its visibility on search engines, and boost its conversion rates to generate more business opportunities.

Our Approach

Website Redesign

  • We developed a contemporary, user-friendly website with an intuitive interface and mobile responsiveness to ensure a seamless user experience.

Content Marketing

  • To ensure the content was optimised, we reviewed all web content for maximum effectiveness and engagement.

SEO Development

  • We conducted a thorough SEO audit, and optimised keywords, metadata, and content to enhance search engine rankings.
  • We implemented local SEO strategies to target specific regional markets.

Conversion Optimisation

  • Having analysed their user’s behaviour, we were able to identify and address areas for improvement.
  • Clear calls-to-action (CTAs) were introduced with the addition of new pages to support the user’s journey.
  • We streamlined the inquiry and quote request process to increase lead generation.


  • We tailored design support provided for a variety of client events, ensuring each project meets specific aesthetic and branding requirements.
  • We collaborated to create impactful visuals that enhance promotional campaigns and effectively communicate the client’s message to their audience.

Digital PR

  • We boosted Visibility and Authority: Secured coverage in top publications like BBC, Prereply, Carol Roth, and local news outlets, positioning Anglia Translations as an industry leader.
  • Improved SEO Rankings: Enhanced search engine rankings through strategic digital PR, driving more organic traffic and expanding audience reach.
  • We strengthened Brand Recognition: Highlighted expertise in remote team management and essential business languages, enhancing reputation and supporting business growth.

The Results

During the time of our collaboration, our client made a significant investment in their marketing strategy, seeking sustainable growth rather than immediate results. 

This strategic shift has begun to yield positive outcomes, underscoring their dedication to steady and manageable progress rather than overnight success. It’s a testament to the process that growth takes time and ongoing maintenance as trends evolve. 

Even through the challenges of COVID-19, they maintained their marketing spend, demonstrating unwavering trust in us to meet their evolving needs.

This has resulted in:

  • Increased Traffic: A significant boost in organic traffic due to the new website design and SEO strategies.
    • In the past 6 months, engaged website sessions have increased by 23%
    • Organic keywords have increased to 720 from under 600 in the past six months.
  • Higher Rankings: Improved search engine rankings enhanced visibility and reach.
    • Now ranking No 1 for translation services in Suffolk, Norfolk and Huntingdonshire.
    • Ranking No 1 for Swedish translation services.
    • Increasing by 76 positions for Polish translations.
  • Improved Conversions: Optimised website and CTAs led to a substantial increase in conversion rates, generating more leads and business opportunities for Anglia Translations.
    • The average engagement rate has increased by 90% over the past 6 months.

It’s great seeing the Anglia Translations Ltd business grow and it’s even nicer when the client agrees:

“We have been working with Quibble for a while now and what started as a single project to update our website and content has now turned into a long-term partnership where I consider Quibble as my marketing team,” Says Anglia’s Managing Director, Mary Gilbey.

“We strategise on an annual basis and come up with a marketing plan for the following 12 months. We then meet regularly to ensure we are delivering on that plan and to discuss other marketing opportunities that arise throughout the year. I have built up a good relationship with Dale who is knowledgeable, responsive and very easy to deal with.

He has taken the time to understand our business and look for the best ways in which to build and promote our brand. He is happy to advise where necessary but is also very receptive to ideas that we bring to the table.

With our increased marketing investment we have definitely noticed improvements and returns, and I wholeheartedly believe that you have to be consistent and regular with your marketing messages to see an impact. The technical work that Quibble carries out behind the scenes on the website has definitely improved our SEO rankings and keeps our website current. Quibble is proactive at carrying out audits on all aspects of our website to ensure that it is optimised and working effectively for us. 

Thank you to the whole team for your support over the years.” 

Why has it worked?

Our successful collaboration with the client is rooted in a shared commitment to long-term strategy and steady growth. By prioritising sustainable marketing investments over quick wins, we’ve navigated challenges together, including the impact of COVID-19.

The client. Mary is driven and personable, and has fostered a strong working relationship with Dale, her dedicated account manager, ensuring that their evolving needs are met with precision and care. 

This close partnership has enabled us to adapt strategies proactively, maintain consistency through market shifts, and achieve measurable success over time.

Conclusion: Quibble Digital’s holistic approach in redesigning the website, developing SEO, undertaking digital PR and optimising conversions successfully transformed Anglia Translations’ online presence, elevating their market position and driving business growth.


Increase in engaged website sessions


Increased organic keywords


Increase in conversions

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