We’re Supporting The Benedict Blythe Foundation

At Quibble, all of the team knows just how lucky they are to be able to live and work with a great deal of freedom.

This is why we are also dedicated to using our skills and resources to support causes close to our hearts. Therefore, each year, we decide on how we’d like to give back to our community by nominating a charity that holds true to our values and our concerns about wider society.

We’re proud to say that we’re working alongside Stamford charitable foundation The Benedict Blythe Foundation.

Benedict’s Story

The Benedict Blythe Foundation was founded in 2021 in memory of 5 year old Benedict Blythe, who passed away suddenly after suffering an allergic reaction at school.

In December 2021, Benedict opened his advent calendar, but just a few hours later had tragically collapsed and died from anaphylaxis.

Benedict’s story is absolutely heart-breaking and the Foundation, led by Benedict’s parents Helen and Pete Blythe, seeks to make lasting changes to both legislation and in the way that children learn and grow.

The Foundation is calling for new legislation to allow mandatory allergy and anaphylaxis training, individual healthcare plans for each child and adrenaline pens in every school, most of which are thoroughly unprepared for a situation like Benedict’s.

In addition to this, inspired by Benedict’s knowledge, curiosity and playful nature, the Foundation seeks to support children to learn in their own unique way.

All of us in the team have children, and once we’d heard Benedict’s story we knew that we wanted to help in any way we could.

How Are We Helping?

We are proud to be working with Helen and the Benedict Blythe Foundation to help with their online marketing and digital presence.

In addition to making changes to the website and optimising the content across the site to improve visibility and user experience, we’re always available to offer advice and guidance on all things digital whenever it’s required.

Inspired into Action

milk petition

Our partnership with the Benedict Blythe Foundation holds deep significance for us at Quibble. The tragic loss of Benedict serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of awareness and preparedness in dealing with allergies and anaphylaxis, especially given that many of the team’s children have dietary and allergy needs.

Our commitment extends beyond just digital support; it’s a promise to stand by Helen, Pete, and the entire Foundation in their journey towards impactful change, which also inspired a petition of our own.

When our very own Sylwia Lysakowska-Lombari discovered that no free school milk alternatives were offered to the under 5s, when her little one started school, she began her own petition.

This petition was aimed at creating a more inclusive environment for children with allergies, intolerances, and those that choose to follow vegan diets. The petition garnered almost 13,000 signatures in a matter of days and was eventually referred to the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition/Committee on Toxicity to debate the matter further.

At Quibble, every day is an opportunity to learn, be inspired and pay it forward whenever we can.

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