We were brought on board to develop and manage the entire marketing function of the business.

Support Launch of Website & Provide Marketing Support

Founded in 2002, Control Freaks has grown to become well-known within the electrical engineering industry. They originally approached us as they were in the process of launching their website and needed some guidance and general marketing support.

The Challenge

The new website was a starting point. Control Freaks hadn’t done any previous digital marketing activity, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it meant we had a blank canvas to work with. There would be no negative SEO, and the only way was up.

As a small business, that was and continues to be very much in demand, the challenge was to support its growth, but steadily. They didn’t want to be inundated with new leads, they wanted to grow sustainably, to maintain their incredible quality of work and high level of customer satisfaction.

Our Approach

Initially, we worked with the web developer to input our feedback into the website, auditing the site before “go live”” and providing content for a range of new pages. Following this, we put together a digital marketing plan that covered all the fundamentals to support all areas of the business, from content strategy and SEO to social media management and PR.  

As the business has continued to grow, we’ve supported them with further content creation, focusing on the information their target audience really wants to know. Further to this, we’ve been able to share the good news stories to local press and industry publications of new starters, services and partnerships. This has enabled us to achieve coverage on Information Age, IOT For All, AI Partnerships Corp and Just Entrepreneurs, for example.

What works really, well is that we’re entrusted to complete work and publish articles without there being any red tape. As we’ve worked with Control Freaks for a number of years, we’ve built up an incredible amount of trust, and they understand that everything we do is in their best interest.

The Results

In the last year alone, we’ve increased organic traffic by over 420%. Control Freaks continue to get new leads and are incredibly happy with the work we’ve done. So much so, in the last year they’ve doubled their investment in marketing and plan to work with us to develop a new website that really showcases what they do and how they work.

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