Christmas Advert Showdown 2020

Christmas preparations start earlier and earlier, and this year is no exception. Due to the lockdown restrictions of 2020, people began getting into the spirit of Christmas as soon as Halloween was over.

We saw influencers leading the way creating larger than life Christmas installations, with friends, family and neighbours following suit. And, I’m all for it. I love Christmas and this year I think it’s important to make the most out of every event that we can.

When it comes to this time of year, there’s always one thing I look forward to, like I’m sure many of you do, which is the release of Christmas adverts.

Each year there’s a battle for department stores, supermarkets and other big named brands to outdo their advert from last year, as well as one another.

How do 2020 Christmas adverts compare?

Well, this year we’ve already seen some corkers! But are they better than last year’s? Which is the best overall? Which has had the biggest impact?

I can obviously share my opinion, and I’m sure you’ll have seen various articles reporting on the reactions and uproar some adverts have incited. However, what we thought we’d do here at Quibble is get a more detailed comparison of how well the adverts are performing to see which will be the ultimate Christmas Advert and be crowned the winner of 2020.

Here’s some of the Christmas adverts that are well worth a watch


This was the first Christmas advert I saw this year and I did like that they continued with Kevin the carrot’s Christmas escapades. As a movie buff, I probably liked this year’s advert more than their previous ones. There’s various film references, including Top Gun (I literally can’t wait for the new film to be released!), Pirates of the Caribbean, and ET. Plus, it features Jim Broadbent as Santa. I mean, that’s pretty awesome!


Many have already hailed Tesco as the winner. It touches on so many poignant moments from this year, from the loo roll hoarders, the call to sing “happy birthday” as you wash your hands to Santa who was one of the few who enjoyed a summer holiday this year. And, it basically says to not beat yourself up but to enjoy a treat this Christmas.

Waitrose & John Lewis

Everyone always waits in anticipation for this one. They’re normally quite heart-warming and this year they incorporated a variety of styles, rather than just live action and animation. In general, it’s ok, but what I love more is how outraged people are about the fact the bus, which reads “222 tooting”, doesn’t go near Tooting in real life.


Coco-Cola tells the story of a father who is handed a letter to post from his daughter to Santa Claus. But, oops, he forgets to post it and so embarks on a journey to the north pole. Santa isn’t home, but the Coco-Cola truck appears and brings him home. He opens the letter to see the girl just wants her dad home for Christmas. It’s cute and worth a watch!


Disney’s Christmas advert takes us on a journey through time, starting in 1940, to 2005. It features a Grandma who feels forgotten by her grandchild who is her life. I won’t say anymore. It’s really sad. It’s cute. It might make you cry. Go watch it!


People have had an issue with this advert, but I like its simplicity of traditional home video and photo style. It feels real, rustic and normal. I’d be quite happy with normal right now!  

TK Maxx

Anyone who knows me will know I like animals, but what I love even more are goats. And, this advert does one better, we have a stylish goat strutting her stuff in her new Christmas get up. It’s quite a simple advert, but even thinking about it makes me smile.


This one is another emotional rollercoaster. So much so, I didn’t like it. It made me a bit sad, disappointed, and disheartened. It’s still worth checking out though.


A lot of adverts make references to the pandemic, lockdown and isolation. This advert is no exception. This Amazon ad tells a great story whereby the show must go on. It’s not my favourite advert, but it’s memorable and enjoyable to watch without being too heart wrenching or sad.

There’s still a huge list of adverts I’ve not mentioned, including the one from Barbour. This year they bring back Raymond Briggs’ Father Christmas. It’s great that they’re feeding off nostalgia, but the advert doesn’t hit the mark for me.  There’s also adverts from O2, Lidl, DFS, Argos, Lego, Asda, M & S, Very and Morrison’s. Oh, and I probably should mention the Walkers Christmas advert, which plays on the classic “holidays are coming” from Coca-Cola’s advert but replaces it with… “Sausage Rolls Are Coming”, along with various references to other classic Christmas songs. 

Which Christmas advert is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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