With a clear understanding of the agriculture industry, we were the perfect agency to partner with.

Comprehensive SEO review to improve organic visibility

Barenbrug is one of the largest breeders and producers of grass seed for sports facilities, amenity and agriculture.
They approached us to support their organic growth and were impressed with our level of technical knowledge which allowed us to understand the complexities of their business and their product. Further to this, we had experience working with other businesses within agriculture, and so we already had a good understanding of their target audience.

The Challenge

There were a number of changes to the website that we recommended following the initial website audit in order to increase their organic visibility. However, they were keen for us to make incremental changes, so we didn’t alienate their audience in any way.

When developing the digital marketing strategy, we also had to consider the different types of customer, the direct customer, which included groundskeepers, councils and some farmers, along with distributors.
As a global business, there were also some processes and projects that needed completing that didn’t have digital marketing or online search in mind. To ensure we provided as much value as possible, we had to consider ways we could support them by “ticking a box” while learning more about their audience to support the digital strategy.

Our Approach

To support their organic growth, we conducted a comprehensive SEO audit and competitor analysis to create a strategy that would allow Barenbrug to gain more of the market share. Further to this, we conducted a content analysis and created a content strategy to support their SEO, refine the website UX and increase brand awareness.

As part of another project, we analysed existing customers, conducted a survey and interviews to understand how they interacted with the brand and how Barenbrug could better support their needs, which resulted in the development of a detailed marketing and after-sales support roadmap.

We optimised the website and made changes to the site in line with the plan while also maintaining their marketing communications activity. From reviewing their email marketing and supporting the distribution of their content and news to obtain coverage in national and local press, along with industry-specific publications.

The Results

During our time working with Barenbrug, we saw significant improvements in terms of organic traffic and keyword ranking improvements. So much so we were brought on to support the launch of a new product range for a new sister company they developed.

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